Thursday, 17 February 2011

A crafty bit on the side!

Last week I was accused of having an affair! In a moment of blind panic I confessed I was having a bit of a  “thing” with Rufus Sewell, which surprised my other half as he had been referring to Yorkshire Made, obviously I kicked myself for letting slip about my illicit liaisons,  but was somewhat relieved that he seemed to be untroubled by this shocking revelation. (I later discovered that he thought I meant Rufus Hound and he’d planned to grow a handlebar moustache and win me back!)
In truth though, he is quite used to me sitting and sewing all night, while he plays PS3 but now I keep stealing his i pod to check for updates and to message new friends he finds it quite disturbing. The thing is I have to come clean, he’s right I m addicted!
When my sister and I first started Our Little Craft Company we only spoke to other crafty people at the events we attended and at the very beginning we were so nervous we only chatted to our immediate neighbours, but we soon realised that it’s not like the magic circle, almost everyone we’ve met has been friendly, helpful and an invaluable source of information with regards to other events, and sales opportunities.
We now think of these outings as social occasions and look forward to the creative buzz, idle gossip and compulsory cake tasting that follow; sales are much appreciated but are no longer the only measure of a successful fair.
 In fact its chance meetings at such events that have led to the formation of Yorkshire Made and we can already feel the enthusiasm and shared passion of so many other makers and creators out there! Never has Facebook been more in need of a “love” button, here are just a few of the treasures that I have discovered....this also doubles as a Birthday list if anyone’s stuck on what to get me!!


 Inspiration at the click of a mouse and it’s just the tip of the iceberg, so you can at least see why I’m always “working late” and how the afore mentioned accusation came about.
On the brightside he’s bought me a new phone as an early birthday gift so I can sew, surf and socialise without disturbing him, which is nice, although I’m hoping he still grows the moustache, I’ve always had a “thing” about Magnum!!
Lisa x


  1. Love the birthday list - truly inspirational. However, I think you'll find that Rufus Sewell is mine!!! LOL

  2. So long as Rufus Hound remains available that's OK! Lovely picks and an ingenious way of shoe-horning in birthday present suggestions. I shall have to remember that for December!

  3. A gorgeous selection of goodies there - that looks like my kind of birthday list!

    Julia x


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