Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An impossible to do list!

There is so much going on at the moment  that I thought this blog post should be a bit of shameless self promotion for all of us, because lets face it we’re all working our socks off this week in the run up to what looks like being  a fantastic  weekend. 
Now before I begin, we can only boast about what we know about so if you’re up to something else you think is just as relevant please post a comment so we all can share the glow of our collective Yorkshire pride!
 So in no particular order lets begin
If you fancy one of these fantastically jolly cushions made by Tree Fall Design you will find them and so much more at the Makers Fair, part of the Saltaire Arts Trail
I’ve been reading  some of the blogposts and following the panic filled tweets  of some of the makers at this event and the enthusiasm  and excitement generated is infectious! Its  in its fifth year and is a real celebration of Yorkshire Craft on from Saturday through till Monday, if you can get there do!
I would, but I shall at The White Arrow Music festival,

Now truth be told I’ve always been a bit more “Wock-a-chicka” than Rock chick, but none the less I shall be here with...

   Sally, Laura , Voodoo George and Jemma on Saturday in a giant Yorksire Made  Craft Marquee...(well a couple of gazebos strapped together , fighting the elements but looking fabulous!)
Then after our massive rock out on Saturday Our Little Craft Company  shall be relaxing in the sunshine with a more sedate set at The Cannon hall Craft Fair Sunday & Monday 10 till 4
But enough about us, if you can't get to these theres more
In Leeds, Reetsweet is at Nation of Shopkeepers
Beer, Music & craft stalls, does it get any better?
Also if you're around the Leeds area theres a
Gift Craft and Farmers market at Temple newsham, where you could treat yourself to something like this
made by the brilliant John Micheal, who, if you miss him there will be at the Wentworth Festival Craft fair ...Not that you really need an excuse to visit this beautiful little village cos its got some proper pubs in it, but add a splash of the arts and crafts and it is very hard to resist. For more details of whats on there

And thats not all, if you're in York be sure to pop in to this
for all your vintage, kitsch and handmade needs!
And if that wasn't enough to keep you busy, rumour has it some of the Pennine Artists and friends are camping out at the beautiful Stainborough Castle & Made by Lolly will be there too!

Not bad for one weekend in Yorkshire really and I know theres probably a tonne of otherstuff going on, it really is one of those weekends when I wish I was still Dr Who's assistant and then I could be at them all but since alas I can't be in two places at once can I ask any and all of you who visit any or all of these events to post some pics on the Yorkshire Made  facebook wall, it would be great to see what we missed!
Lisa x

Monday, 16 May 2011

A Crafty Weekend at Elsecar Heritage Centre

This weekend both Lisa (and Sally!) from Our Little Craft Company...

and Laura from made by lolly x...

took stalls at a two day Craft Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre. 
And while we were there we met up with some old friends...

made some new ones...

Riddles Craft

Alison Pape

And were visited by...

Nanny May


Dottys Heart

And as this event included members and friends of Yorkshire Made...
of course there was plenty of chat and lots and lots of cake!

We hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you got up to - and don't forget if you are looking for something crafty to do - check out our Events Calendar!There are always plenty of Yorkshire events listed!

Laura x

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Now, I don't want to seem like I'm complaining... and it may just be me, but what with the new Financial Year, the Easter Holidays, the Royal Wedding, and this (gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful) unseasonable weather - recently I just don't seem to know whether I am coming or going!

Perhaps I am a more a creature of habit and a stickler for routine than I thought (it must be my age!) but somehow over the last few weeks, despite the lovely weather, having lots of lovely days off and doing lots of lovely things, life seems to have been than little bit too hectic and time seems to have disappeared.
Christmas seems like only yesterday!

But whether I like it or not, time will march on and before you know it Summer will be here (I refuse to believe the lovely weather we've just had will be all we'll get!) But before it arrives I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the last of Spring, to take a deep breath, enjoy the Bank Holiday and.... relax!

Take time to appreciate the view...

Go for a picnic...


Get some housework done...


Listen to the radio...

Cute as a Button

Watch the Sunset...

And have a lovely nights sleep...


Enjoy your Bank Holiday!
Laura x