Thursday, 16 June 2011

'Meet The Maker' - A Crafty Conversation with...

 ...Lisa from Our Little Craft Company!


Now I do like a proper coffee from a proper coffee shop....but if the suns past the yard arm then I'll have a large g & t please!


Yes please, but home-made, can't stand shop spewed Kipling crap stuff, I am a cake snob of the highest order.


Hi my name is Lisa, I'm from Conisbrough and I do sewing, wltm man or lady or even ladyman to buy all my stuff, for fun, friendship and sales beyond my wildest dreams!


Yes, from good Yorkshire stock! I'm Trip Jacksons daughter and that's about as Yorkshire as you get!

That's really hard, I've always made stuff, I remember making teleport bracelets from plastic bottles which looked just like the Blakes Seven ones. They were ace and I wish I'd kept one but we played with them to death.


The last thing I made was one of our Beach Bum bags, in black denim and a mustard yellow William Morris type print and yes it was one of those that I'd have been more than happy to keep if it hadn't sold on its first outing! A sort of Woohoo/boohoo! moment.
(I have a lot of those)


Coffee, iplayer, Janet (my trusty sewing machine), good scissors & a cheerful disposition!
Everything goes wrong twice if you're grumpy.


This is boring I know, but I tend to listen to radio plays and comedy shows on iplayer rather than music all the time. So if the afternoon play is "get on down" I'm that and if The Mighty Boosh is "Boogie on up" then I am that. Although the song I can't get out of my head at the moment is "Telephone Man" by Meri Wilson, it's so saucy I love it!


Don't tease, unless you're actually going to give me the cash then I think that making me ponder its use is torturous, to both me and Keith at Waltons of Goldthorpe and the boys of Barkers at Doncaster market who would probably get about half each! I'm a cloth hussy I've got men all over South Yorkshire tempting me with there fabric wares as it is, with £250 I'd be putty in their hands....are you trying to ruin me??


Too hard, I can't think of one, I could probably do a top 50 of textiley ones alone!
But Sugar Alchemy make an absolute to die for cheesecake!

Mollie Makes of course, can't believe its not an option..tut tut!

Coming up with the original ideas, Shopping for supplies, Making the items, 
Selling online and at fairs, Networking or Other:
All of the above, I love it all I tell ya!

    And finally...


    What's the worst bit of what you do?
    on facebook
    on twitter as @Ourlisa
    & I also do the odd blog for Yorkshire Made don't ya know!

    'Our Lisa and Our Sally'... we will be featuring an interview with Sally next week!


    1. loved it! fab photo of you two too :)

    2. That's my sister - that is! I'm so proud!

    3. They're my sisters they are!! They are amazing & I am so proud!!

    4. Hey Jill you should be proud, they are just so talented.
      Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.
      Sadie x


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