Thursday, 7 July 2011

'Meet the Maker' #4 - A Crafty Conversation with...

... Laura from made by lolly x


Thank you - a glass of red wine would be lovely!

I don't usually say no, but at the minute I have a bit of an addiction to wasabi flavour things.
You don't happen to have any wasapeas do you? In fact, could I have both?

Sit down, make yourself comfortable! Time for introductions... What's your name,where do you come from and what do you do? 

 My name's Laura, I originally come from 'darn sarf' (Ashford in Kent) and I currently run a small business called made by lolly x as well as working part time out in the real world for a charity called Family Action.

According to my official 'blurb' I create 'beautiful colour themed collections of contemporary accessories - all made from folded felt' but I am quite happy to have a go at most things and am a bit handy at making personalised keepsake books, travel journals and baby books.

No! Sorry... I'm either a Kentish Maid or a Maid of Kent - but I'm really not sure which it is (apparently it depends which side of the Medway you were born)

I remember making a pencil holder made out of clay in the shape of a duck billed platypus at infant school. Unfortunately I think my Mum still has it!


I've been trialling lots of different ways of folding felt to create my folded felt flowers. The newest one came into being at a quiet moment at a craft fair when I was idly twisting felt. Half an hour and a few stitches later I had created a felt rose. Much softer and less structured than my usual pieces - but I love it!

A3 self healing cutting mat, Rotary Cutter, Metal Ruler, Sizzix machine, Felt!


I know it doesn't really go with the image... 
(I'm well known for using pinks, purples, flowers, felt, buttons)
...but I like to rock out! 
I don't always listen to music when I'm creating but if I do I tend to put a bit of Planet Rock on the DAB radio! I love Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. In my quieter moments I'm a bit partial to Martha Wainwright and Nick Drake

Not particularly a craft item - but I have my heart set on a Samsung netbook! 
If there was any change left over - it would have to be more felt!

Other than your own, name a shop, website or blog that you really love:  

The dots and spots blog - it's probably the only blog I follow that I read every single post (except for and of course!)

And now for the quick fire round!

What's your favourite craft magazine?

I really like the new magazines Oh Comely and Handmade Living


What is your favourite part of the designing/making/selling process?

Coming up with the original ideas. I have quite a short attention span so making lots of the same thing can get really boring! I just love the 'ding' lightbulb moment when you realise that something might just work... but I hate having them on the way to work so I have to wait the whole day before I can get home and experiment!

Other than the products you make currently, if you were to dabble in a completely different discipline or handmade craft/art, what would you choose to have a go at?

I'd love to be able to take a-ma-zing photographs. I really enjoy the composition of a picture and love the way it can be something really quick and snappy or something you have to wait patiently for just the right moment (seagulls rarely sit still long enough to get so close as this!) But...  I know absolutely nothing about the technical side of things and don't even own a camera! All my product photos and all my holiday snaps are taken using my mobile phone! 

And finally...

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Where can we find out more about you and your work?
and I'm also on Twitter at @madebylolly

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  1. I always thought you and our Lisa were very similar in lots of ways and I think this proves it! Especially the short attention span! LOL! X X X


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