Thursday, 14 July 2011

'Meet the Maker' #5 - A Crafty Conversation with...

...Carla from Maus Haus


Always tea, hands down!

Would you like some cake? 

Let me think about that...yes!! (Please be chocolate)

Sit down, make yourself comfortable! Time for introductions... What's your name, where do you come from and what do you do?

I'm Carla and I'm based in lovely Leeds. I make textile accessories under the name 'Maus Haus'. I also recently opened a shop, Nouveau Leeds, in Bird's Yard, dedicated to Handmade.

I was born in Huddersfield, but I lived in Brazil for four years before moving back. I did my first year of my degree in Bradford before being drawn in by the buzz of Leeds. I now live by Roundhay Park and I doubt I'll ever leave, I love it!

What's the earliest thing you can ever remember making, was it any good and have you still got it? 

The first 'proper' thing I made was a bright purple furry hand bag with a huge kilt pin to fasten it. I took it everywhere with me. I gave most of my things away when I moved to Leeds and I guess the bag must have gone with everything else...


I just finished making a set of large brooches. I made one using part of a dress I bought and never wore. It's the best one I've made so far in my humble opinion.

It's hard to limit it to 5!

1. My super thin beading needle for sewing microscopic beads.

2. My box of beads, charms and sequins. It fits in my bag and goes everywhere.

3. My scissors - I have four pairs! One for fabric cutting, one for paper, one for sticky things and a tiny pair for cutting thread. Never mess with a girl and her scissors.

4. My array of threads passed down from my Grandma and my Mum.

5. My sewing machine, an absolute steal at £80 and my most prized possession.

I guess it depends. If I get over excited and need to calm down and focus then I pop on some Adele or my latest addiction - Miike Snow. If I need to wake up and crack on then I stick the radio on and if I need to drown out the builder's from next door, you can't beat Metallica - Master of Puppets! Nothing like some heavy metal to get me sewing like crazy.

If I gave you £250 to spend on craft supplies and equipment what would you buy? 

The shiny new overlocker I've been eyeing up ever since my birthday but not had the time to go and buy!


Other than your own, name a shop, website or blog that you really love:  

I'll give you a shop, website AND a blog. I spend a lot of time sat in my shop but I tend to run through the Indie Cindy pop up shop, it's seriously bad for my bank balance. I also love the haberdashery at the top of Kirkgate Market, the ladies that work there are really helpful. Many evenings get spent browsing the UKhandmade site, it's a fountain of knowledge. Lastly a blog I love. Abi from SewYou's Blog is really witty, funny and honest. I love the 'hosiery police' and if you don't know what I'm talking about go read it.

And now for the quick fire round!

What's your favourite craft magazine?



What is your favourite part of the designing/making/selling process?

 Seeing the finished item

What do you want to be when you grow up?

'I guess the most honest answer is 'content'. Anything else is just a means to being happy so when I grow up that's what I want, to be happy'

And finally...


What is your 'long story', what made you start doing what you do?

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Either on my website -, or pop by my shop and get it from 'the horse's mouth' so to speak... though please don't refer to me as a horse. x

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