Thursday, 17 March 2011

A ittle bit of my Yorkshire

This has been an unusually hard blog to write, for all the right reasons ,you see I have a magnificent view from my home...
 Conisbrough Castle
And I love it, even on a miserable winters day it gives me a thrill, I’ve taken hundreds of photographs of it over the years, I’ve sketched it, painted it, stitched it and even sculpted it back in my schooldays! Its the reason we bought the house I’m in. (And to think I worried that I’d miss my sea view in Brighton when I relocated rate far up north!) Its definitely one of my favourite places, which led me to thinking of doing a list of my  other favourite places and thats where the trouble started...
The problem with Yorkshire is its so big and so beautiful that what started as a simple idea for this week’s offering turned into a nightmare. The more I thought about it, the bigger the list got, from   tranquil parks and seaside haunts to the bustling towns and cities, I could write a book, and the stress of trying to pick favourites could make your head explode, (I know, mine has) and with that in mind this week I offer a very short but soothing list of inspiring calming and beautiful places you should visit this spring to gather your thoughts and truly relax...
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
You can’t get stressed here, take a picnic and enjoy the fantastic galleries set in acres of picture perfect parkland. Have a wander and discover the magnificent sculptures and finish with scrumptious cake and tea at the cafe.

An Introduction to YSP from Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Video

The Forbidden Corner
If its escapism you’re looking for I can heartily recommend this wonderful folly filled grown up playground (kids like it too apparently) near Leyburn. The website really doesn’t do it justice but I love this secret garden, it’s totally fairytale and fantasy, and don’t let the fact you have to book put you off, its to control the numbers so its never overcrowded!  

Roche Abbey
I do like a ruin and this beautiful abbey is hidden in a valley with a stream running through, take your camera and sketchbook and enjoy!

Robin Hoods Bay
I can’t do relaxing without mentioning the sea and this summer I am determined to get up to Robin Hoods Bay, for a spot of rock pooling with Eliza, Tabitha and their cousins.

I could happily spend all day doing a catalogue of much-loved Yorkshire places but as I browsed the internet this week I had a beautiful reminder from a fellow yorkshire based maker, of my other favourite place...
As a rule of thumb if I’m not in Yorkshire I’m here!
Lisa x


  1. Love your choices, especially the sculpture park and Robin Hood's Bay. My personal favourite would have to be wandering over the amazing limestone landscape around Austwick in the Dales - I'm not Yorkshire 'born and bred' but have lived here for 23 years so consider myself an honorary citizen!
    Liz :)

  2. I knew Yorkshire was full of wonderful places to visit - but you know when you live in a place, you tend to take it all for granted... wel not anymore! You've inspired me to book some holiday and go exploring!

  3. I love makes my heart swell with pride when I see how much people love our Yorkshire and all it's beautiful places - sometimes it is so easy to knock and deride "the north" but you don't call it God's own county for nothing.

  4. Can't belive I live not 3 miles from Sculpture park and think i've been once many years ago thats shamfull as looking at the video i'm missing out on list for a visit soon.


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