Saturday, 26 March 2011

More than words...

Well, like many of you, I suspect the recent warm weather and sunny days have given you the feeling that Spring is in the air - with the promise of Summer yet to come! A perfectly normal reaction to what has been a rather pleasant couple of days! But I wonder how many of you, in response to the lovely weather, have just started thinking:

"Spring has sprung , and the grass is griz. I wonder where the birdies is?"

I'm guessing not many of you?!

This is just one of those peculiar phrases that is stuck in my family history. I have no ideas of it's origins - although I'm guessing Spike Milligan - all I know is that it's something my Dad used to say and now it's something that I say! There are many other phrases too...
If someone says "Yes Dear" to you does it conjure up any memories? Do you feel the urgent need to say anything following this statement? No - I thought not! But me, that's a different matter! Thanks to my Dad I now have to say:

"I wonder whether he's a good boy like you and cleans his teeth every night and every morning?"

Again I have no idea where it's from, why my Dad remembered it and chose to teach it to me, or even if the phrase "Yes Dear" was ever really followed by "I wonder whether he's a good boy like you..." or whether I've just made it up! But, like it or not these phrases are now a part of my life!

So to honour all of the crazy phrases, mis-heard song lyrics, special words and family in-jokes I thought I would create a treasury of the best wordy items that Yorkshire has to offer!

To find out more about the people behind these wordy wonders,
just click directly on the pic! Laura x


  1. Ay up Cock, Loving your choices this week!x

  2. attamatutti is one of my favourites - please don't ask what it means - I know but I couldn't possibly say on a family site

    X X X


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